Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whole Number - Rounding number

Rounding Number With “The Rounding Poem”

Round number 564523 into the nearest thousand.

Step 1: Find Your Number
Circle or underline the number in thousands place

Step 2: Look right next door
Draw an arrow to the right of the number

Step 3: 4 or less just ignore
Look at the number that was pointed.
 5 is more than 4, so go to the next line

Step 4: 5 or more add 1 more
Add 1 to the number that we have circle or underlined

So, add 1 to number 4.

Step 5: Write the number
Add 1 to the 4, and all the numbers to the right of it become 0.

The answer is

So, 564523 rounded to the nearest thousands is 565000. 

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