Saturday, October 15, 2011

Basic of Fraction

What is a fraction?

Fraction is a part of the whole.

For example:

These are whole part of the shapes.

These are the fraction of the shapes.

Parts Of The Fraction

Fraction is basically divided into 2 parts.
Part of the fraction above the line is called numerator;
while part of the fraction below the line is called denominator.

 For mixed fraction, there is a whole number beside it.
For example,
You buy a cake and cut it into four pieces equally. 
Then, if you can't eat the whole, it means that you just eat part of it. Let's say that you only eat 1 out of these four pieces.

So, we write 1/4 where 1 (the piece that we eat) as numerator and 4 (the total of pieces that we have cut for the whole) as denominator.

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